International Workshop 2011

Exploring Formulaic Knowledge through Languages, Cultures and Time (EFK)

11.-12. February 2011 in Trier

The workshop in Trier is a continuation of the dialogue started in Metz between several projects working in the area of historical formulaic knowledge and its transmission. With the Trier workshop, the organisers want to bring in contact some projects that they had a chance to learn about in Metz (Aliento, SAWS and CASG) with similar projects at the Universities of Trier, Luxembourg and Darmstadt (HiFoS, DoLPh, JPhras, Collocations in Historical English Science Writing). The presentations of all these projects are scheduled for the first day of the workshop. With their help, we would like to learn more about each other in order to start a fruitful cooperation in the area of formulaic language / brief sapiential statements / gnomologiae. Already in Metz, the participants stated the need of this exchange.

Also, the Metz workshop outlined the problem of lacking annotation standards and joint research infrastructures. The second day of our workshop will be dedicated to this topic. We will have the opportunity to learn more about TextGrid, Trier FuD-system and automatic text analysis for eHumanities. We hope that the presentations on the second day will be able to react to the needs of the projects presented on the first day. We also hope, that our concluding discussion will open many productive perspectives for further cooperation.

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Further information:

  • Program (PDF)
  • Travel information (PDF)


  • Aliento (Marie-Sol Ortola, Marie- Christine Varol) (PDF)
  • Automatic Text Analysis for eHumanities (Silvana Hartmann) (PDF)
  • CASG (Marco Büchler) (PDF)
  • DoLPh (Ane Kleine) (PDF)
  • FuD (Marina Müller) (PDF)
  • HiFoS (Monika Hanauska, Johannes Gottwald, Carina Hoff) (PDF)
  • Representing Fragmentary Texts (Monica Berti) (PDF)
  • SAWS (Stuart Dunn) (PDF)
  • TextGrid (Andrea Rapp) (PDF)


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